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The XOXO Project      





Hey, guys! With how the situation is right now, we think this is our chance to really show EXO all our support. We thought that it would be nice to make a compilation video of us fans saying, “ We are one! EXO saranghaja!” We want at least 30-40 people for this.

The rules are simple: send us a 5…

update: you dont have to say “we are one, exo saranghajah”. You can say anything supportive in your native language to the boys but try to keep it to a 5 second maximum we want to include everyone who participates. If you do say something in your native language please tell us what you said in your email so that we can sub it. As for those who are uncomfortable with showing your face, you can send in an audio. Thank you so much for those who sent their videos in so far and for those who are reblogging this post, we deeply appreciate it!

Also we’ve been getting a lot of messaged how will this to the boys, honestly we are not 100% that this will get to the them, but we will try our very best. We will be posting this the video on YouTube and since they are somewhat active on social media sites, we’d like to ask you guys to spread the final product around. You can try to send the link to them on their instagram, get it on weibo, anything just to get them to see it. This might seem like a long shot, but it’s worth the try. If not, hopefully this video can remind a few fans that we are one :)

hey guys to have more variety can you start sending in videos, pictures, or audios of you saying anything supportive instead of the slogan

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